Ceremonies and Rituals

photo 4Ceremony and ritual are a very important aspect of energy work, learned from the indigenous people of Peru. The earth is honored, and offered thanks for the abundance she gives us. And there are many repetitive ceremonies with the intention of working out our issues out at the earth level, for Pachamama (mother earth), to transmute our worries and cares into a loving and healing energy. Fire, dancing, singing, and community are highlighted at these gatherings, and a heightened sense of interconnectedness is usually felt by the participants. It is also an opportunity to release any worries or cares that we feel are holding us back from reaching our highest potential, or soul level.

photo 5Growing up in an environment with little or no room for creative expression, carefree lightheartedness, exploration, and individuation, left me no choice but to go underground for my sanity. I was raised in a dominant, patriarchal, catholic household, and the only daughter with three older brothers. From the time I was a few years old, I learned how to ignore my gut instincts, because the church and my parents had all of my answers, and in doing so, I unknowingly cut myself off from my powerful life force; my soul.     Through many years of mistakes, heartaches, and tough life lessons learned, I am now in my middle years, and just now realizing the importance of connecting with our own Higher Selves, that part of us that resides in us, that simply KNOWS. The ironic part is that we each have this knowing, but aren’t taught anything about it or have a clue how to use it. In order for that to happen, we would need to slow down, stop the pace, learn to listen inside, and take direction from that place of stillness, and NOT from anything outside of ourselves. Yes, it’s true, there are many places to get information, and to hear others points of view.photo 2

However, as Walt Whitman stated hundreds of years ago,

 “Question everything you have ever learned and been told, and dismiss that which insults your soul.”

My soul is my life’s compass, and I help everyone I know to see how uniquely important they each are, but how we are all similar in terms of wanting to be loved, safe and free to be who we truly are.

photo 3