About Maureen

maurMaureen has always loved connecting with people, and learning about what makes them unique. After having a successful career in the corporate world, working in sales and marketing, Maureen felt pulled to do something more fulfilling, and went back to graduate school as a single mother, earning a teaching degree in education. Working with children was much more fulfilling, and Maureen was passionate about assisting children in the classroom to reach their full potential. She found that her enthusiasm and love of teaching transferred to her students. Maureen took her passion for assisting others on their path, and recently completed a two-year degree in energy medicine with The Four Winds Society. Travel and adventure are what fuels Maureen, and the awareness that we are all inter-connected and want the same basic things in life; to love, to help, and to feel that we matter. We are all closer together than we think, and we need each other in order to thrive at this time. Maureen has led spiritual trips to the Languedoc Region of France, and loves working with others in ceremony and ritual to assist them in connecting to their unique fountain of positive energy.

Aside from having a BS in Business Administration/Marketing, 30 Graduate credits in Education with a Teaching Degree, a two year Energy Medicine Practitioner Certificate from The Four Winds Society, I recently earned my teaching certification for the Dying Consciously Program
with The Four Winds Society, which assists others with end of life emotional transitions. Lastly, I bring a ton of life experience, with raising a blended family, being a single mom, and knowing the struggle of the single parent life, and the benefit of a comfortable life since. My broad spectrum of experiences support me in assisting others. I am someone who has known many forms of adversity and worked through them, coming out stronger and more centered.

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